Department of the Minister for Diplomatic Relations
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.
Sunday, April 8th, 301AP

Utania would, with all due respect to nations asserting their "spheres of influence", concur with the view of the Senator from the Lendosan Confederation.

It should be clear that these "Spheres of influence" should not consist of any form of exclusive rights to the nations who claim them, beyond the initial 12nm from the nation's coastline or a proposed 200km Economic Exclusion Zone.

Utania acknowledges that she is far from the "Sphere of influence" of either the GBR or Christiana, but is deeply concerned about the trend toward developing, or more specifically toward _declaring_ such "spheres". Is this a trend indicating the dividing of the world between the great powers of the world? Are the Great Powers promising not to intervene in eachother's "Sphere of influence" for any reason, exclusive of the interests of smaller or unaligned nations?

This is a view wholly rejected by Utania! The world is not a "plaything" to be divided between the greater powers! There are a great number of smaller sovereign nations who will defend their sovereign territories, their seas, and responsible place on this globe! The Great Powers should remember that while they have greater economic and military power, their position affords them greater responsibility to act in a manner of respect for all peoples and nations of this world.

This fact should prevent any responsible nation from declaring "spheres of influence" as any nominal dictator, bent on world influence and domination, would. Should they wish to influence the economic and ecological status of a region outside their direct control, they should engage in dialogue with the nations of the globe to establish a mutual treaty. Only by acting with this same respect can they hope to be treated with reciprocating respect as "Great Powers".

Utania cannot understand the mentality of the nations that continue to declare their influence as though declaring a threat to the other nations of the globe.

In this way, we call on all nations to refrain from this respectless

With due respect to all nations in Vexillium;
For the continued peace that abides on Vexillium;
Peace be with you.

Robert Talin,
Minister for Diplomatic Relations

Apologies for the strong response: no offense or reprimand out-of-game should be taken by any player.