April 16th, 301 AP.

Utania supports the Kingdom of Ordland's declaration regarding territorial waters, supports the adaption of the suggest URL into a simplified charter/treaty for agreement by UN members and non-members, and declares that a similar claim is implicitly made by the United Democratic Republic of Utania:

(i) A twelve nm limit to territorial waters, including those about the I'ana archipelago,

(ii) A 200 nm limit to an exclusive economic development zone,

(iii) In both cases the air and undersea is implicitly included

(iv) Where there is overlap with other nations, Guwimith, South Bay and Armatirion, Utania will split the overlap areas with the neighbour

(v) In so much as international sea traffic is concerned, Utania recognises that such exists between Utania and Ptica, including the I'ana archipelago (indeed many ships dock in Agraam and Utan Krysaror), and between Utania and Guwimith, but will continue to retain a "supervisory" role over the same, over and above the EEC declared in (ii), specifically with respect to environmental and peacekeeping concerns.

Robert Talin, Minister for Diplomatic Relations,
Arthur Reagan, Minister for Trade,
President George Okarvits.
UDR of Utania.