To: Coleridge Earts-Willish
Reeve of the Shires of Somery
Sibury SY1
From: Robert Talin,
Minister for Diplomatic Relations,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.

November 25th, 300 AP.

Dear Sir,

We wish to extend our heartiest and warmest congratulations to the Reevery of Somery for its attaining independence after many years under Christianan administration, and, before that, from under the flag of Merité. As Utania is also recently free, we welcome you as brothers from under the same yoke.

Utania is now keen to establish diplomatic relations with Somery, and despatch the Right Honourable Julius Koyey as Ambassador to the Reevery from Utania, and offer for the residence of your own diplomatic mission in Utan Krysaror the address of:
29 B'yara Road
Presidential Central
Utan Krysaror, 12002

We look forward to commencing a long a fruitful relationship with Somery, and would welcome any opportunity to assist you with your endeavours to form a democratic nation. Furthermore, we would welcome any opportunity to commence proper trade relations with Somery, offering the best of agricultural produce and cheap manufactured goods.

Peace be with you.

Robert Talin,
Minister for Diplomatic Relations,
Office of the President,
UDR of Utania.