From: President George Okarvits
President of the U.D.R. of Utania
To: The Republic of Bowdani,
The Sultanate of Feniz, and
The Kingdom of Ordland.

Friday, January 12, 301ap.

On behalf of the people of Utania, Peace be with you.

I wish, firstly, to thank your governments and people for their enormous kindness and generosity in responding to Utanian need in the Chiquiti region. You have shown that the nations of Vexillium truly do make a community and that we are cognisant of the enormous interdependency of the peoples of this world. We thank you for your aid that will save lives.

I would ask that you do not take as criticism of your role in Utania the recent debate in the Utanian Parliament. I believe I speak on behalf of the overwhelming majority of Utanian MP's when I say that we are appreciative of your role and do not wish to see it cease. I will see to it that our Mission Director emphasises this to your individual mission teams.

The debate in our Parliament should be of little concern to your people or mission teams, for ultimately it is not a debate about whether your help is appreciated or needed, but about what sort of country Utania is. There are many MPs who have significant misconceptions about the living conditions outside the east coast region. Consequently, they dispute the need by a "first world" nation they assume Utania to be, for international aid.

This is an internal issue, and issue that we as a united nation must resolve, and I apologise that you appear to be the unfortunate "men in the middle".

Regarding the reported concern by some MPs of security risks, I wish to emphasise that one individual MP does not represent the views of this Administration, or of the Parliament of Utania, let alone the entirity of the population. A minority of MPs had expressed this possibility, which has since been rejected. In no way should your mission teams regard themselves as being under suspicion or investigation by counter-intelligence in Utania. I would regard this as high insult to the people of your respective nations, and to the generosity you have so quickly presented.

Please tell your teams to anticipate a mission briefing from Mr Kopeya MP, as we set about the task of fulfilling our humanitarian mission.

Once more, thank you for your assistance in our hour of need.

Peace be with you.

George Okarvits
U.D.R. of Utania
Utan Krysaror