From: Robert Talin,
Minister for Diplomatic Relations,
and, Dr Eloi White, Utanian representative to the UNV,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.

April 27th, 301 AP.

Request for status of the UNV

Is it to be Utania's understanding that the UNV has failed to hold elections for the post of General Secretary of the UNV for the year 301 AP? Is this a matter due for correction?

It is Utania's understanding that Article II, section A reads that an election for the office of General Secretary shall be held every third month of the year. It is also understood that the Security Council has not been re-elected.

Are these matters that will be addressed by the UNV General Secretary, or does he intend to "rule" the UNV by dictatorial means?

Robert Talin MP, and
Dr Eloi White,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.