Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the International Vexillium Committee for the Vexnobels, allow me to hereby present, in summary, the results of the 303 VexNobels.

Firstly, on behalf of the Vexnobel committee, I would like to thank all the entrants for their hard work in making this game the fun and fascination it is, and congratulations for their recognition.

Congratulations, then, to the winners of this year's Vexnobel awards for demonstrating excellence in their fields. Their efforts are the standards our little community has voted should be aspired to.

Therefore, on behalf of the International Vexillium Committee for the Vexnobels, I would direct your attention to the webpage that has been established to award the Vexnobel medals. (Warning: Stunning graphical efforts ahead, all 650kb worth)

As was the case two years ago, esteemed Somerish artist Raeve Ledgly <Tech: that is, our very own Bo!!/> forged the medals with his own artistic hands and we thank him, once more, for this.

Winners are encouraged to take these medals and attach them to their pages, to display them with pride.

Thanks to you all for your time, your efforts and, perhaps most of all, your patience.
Vassili Duamonde
Chairman, International Vexillium Committee for the Vexnobels

<tech> Medals shall link to the pages that won. </tech>

Best Nation Representation Best Nation Representation:

Best Non-nation Representation Best Non-Nation Representation:
Best International Organisation Best International Organisation: / Zeitgeist Corp
Most Interesting Nomenclature Most Interesting Nomenclature Award:

Award of Merit Award of Merit

Mike Ham
Best Anthem Best Anthem:

Best Overall Pet Project Best Overall Pet Project:

Somery's Sunmirch music festival
Best Sport Pages Best Sport Pages:

Utania's UFA
Zartania's RZOEAZ
Best Soccer Uniform Best Soccer Uniform:

Ras Lanarch
Best Military Pages Best Military Pages:

Most Interesting Governmental Concept Most Interesting Governmental Concept:

Greater Burovian Realm
Best Economic pages Best Economic Pages:

Best Currency Best Currency Pages:

Best Scientific Pages Best Scientific Pages:

Best History Pages Best History Pages

Best Flag Best Flag:

Best Stamps Best Stamps:

Best Maps Best Maps

Most Preferred Nation Most preferred nation (to live in)

Least Preferred Nation Least preferred nation (to live in)

Best Diplomatic Seal Best seal, 301ap Best Diplomatic Seal:

Best International Storyline Best International Storyline

Dignanian War
Best National Storyline Best National Storyline:

Utanian Presidential election 303
Best Media Coverage Best Media Coverage:

Zeitgeist Magazine
Overall design excellence Overall Design Excellence Award

Most Powerful Nation Most Powerful Nation

The Greater Burovian Realm

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