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3 July 300 AP

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Election 300 - The campaign begins
Savaj give away their vote

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Election 300 Special

Utania's election is less than two months away, and with the release of the first official political poll by the Luka Herald, telling of an opposition win, the campaign for Utania's inaugural election has begun.

Under the agreement with the UNV, there remains only eight weeks for a parliamentary election to be held in Utania. And, dispite attempts by the President to focus the country "on the economy, not elections", a recent poll has electrified the country with interest in the dozen or so parties that will contest the election. Election-fever has struck!

In addition, the anti-election-hype-supporting President Hope is now also in a quandary. The poll projects a government coalition loss, which provides the President with two alternatives: stick to his guns that the country should focus on rebuilding the shattered country, not elections, by not campaigning and distracting the nation, and possibly lose the election; Or, Hope could campaign to win the election, and face the valid calls of "hypocrite". Few politicians have the k'yara to do anything but the latter, and Hope is not expected to be any different. Already, journalists are reporting changes to his schedule over the next eight weeks.

So, it seems the country will experience a full-fledged election. Already the Democrats, Peoples party and Liberal Nationalists have started producing campaign commercials for television, and the Conservatives and Progressive parties are said to have the same "in the works". Smaller but wealthy parties, such as billionaire James Angorit's Utani Progressives, already have campaign posters about the cities. And speaking engagements are beginning to be advertised.

But, is the country ready for "big" Democracy? At this stage there appears to be none of the jaded and blank faces that old democracies experience when an election wields by. The Utanian people have been deprived of real democracy under the Guwimith Imperial government, their Provincial governments having limited control of the provinces, and little ability under the Czar to campaign for votes (unless they were the pro-Guwimith National Party). Consequently, Utanians are genuinely interested in this election, and will seemingly enjoy the election campaign that precedes it, whether President Hope wants them to, or not.

Over the coming eight weeks, Zeitgeist will provide a special section devoted to the election; the policy launches, the analysis, the parties, the foibles and the politicking. Our own editorial rules will prevent us from advertising any political party beyond a simple two-toned sentence in a margin, and we will rigorously maintain editorial non-bias.
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