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10 July 300 AP

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Capital controls - the time has come

Election 300
Angorit meets with Areopatre
Electorate profile: Navoomi

Cruisian Democrats experience in Nystonia
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International Armatirion: Sleeping Giant
Independence for the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites

Golf: Aretesuna and Penneton's massive success
Football: Luka v Utan Krysaror, could violence break out?

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Angorit meets with Areopatré

Savana state's only billionaire Utani Nationalist, James Angorit, this week visited the twenty year old Emperor of the Savaj in an attempt to gain royal approval for his opposition to the pro-royalist Utani-Saedaj party, and perhaps even win the Emperor's vote in the forthcoming federal election.

In Savana state, the power of the Emperor is paramount. Venerated, respected and obeyed, the twenty year old Emperor is thirty-fourth in the line of the Areopatre dynasty which dates back over a thousand years. Therefore, even in the enlightened age of democracy, no canditate or party who seeks office in Savana can afford to neglect showing their allegiance to the Savaj Emperor. This applies doubly for one of their own.

James Angorit is one such man. Business leader in Savana, owning the multi-billion pund (Û) Savaj Netopik, a utilities and manufacturing company based in Utan Savaj, and the largest privately-owned company in Savana, and now political leader of the burgeoning Utani Progressive Party. So, this week, Angorit paid homage to the leader of the two-and-a-half million Savaj and one million Viranese. Angorit visited the leader in his Navoomi palace, but, despite his efforts, had no private meeting with the Emperor, instead one with the Council of Chiefs present to vet his every word, most of whom do not like the man some call Kohkrekam, "betrayer of the people".

Still, actions count for much in Savana, and, no doubt, Angorit's gesture of reconciliation with the man he had called "the reason for Savana's poverty" has yielded him legitimacy. However, this may not yet win him votes, as Savana's voters have mostly surrendered their votes to their tribal Chiefs in a controversial constitutional right. Yet, there remains a million or more that have not, many of whom may feel less pressured to vote against the pro-development party leader.

But, he is unlikely to win the votes of Savana's other tribal residents, the Ramal. The Ramal are largely anti-development, spawning the anti-progress terrorist Yannist movement, who are suspected of support for, if not involvement in, the March 299 attack on Whitlamite and Zartanian oil exploration teams in the Guwimith Strait. There, the Yannist party will collect at least two seats for Parliament.

Angorit's strategy is then to expand his base from his homeland in Savana to other Utani electorates, such as many in Utani B'yan. His support in some electorates has been nudging double-figures, and he has a large personal fortune to support a long and expensive campaign against the entrenched but less wealthy Peoples and Utan-Saedaj Parties. His message he has promoted to date: that Utani cannot expect that the world will now give them prosperity just because they have independence; prosperity must now be earned. It is a bitter pill, but one that Angorit will not divert from, and is happy to tell any Utani who looks remotely interested.

So, over the coming weeks, Angorit has several stops, Radio and TV commercials and appearances, as well as auditorium appearances devoted to pushing the message: We can become the great Utani Empire once again, if only for work. But this time, he tells them, they will be working for themselves.
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