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10 August 300 AP

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Election 300
New poll signals LNP rise
Hope faces the skeptical

Utani Burovian Movement moves into Nystonia

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Hope faces the skeptical

President Hope has done more toward his re-election and the re-election of his government in the past week than all the hard work he had been doing over the past few months, by facing the crowds in Utani B'yan and listening.

President Hope has made it clear that if listening is what it takes to be re-elected, then he has what it takes. The former Chief Executive bravely faced skeptical Utani crowds in Agraam, Kanhara and B'yantusu and listened to their woes, before giving them the hard message that the country will not improve without hard work.

The sessions attracted thousands, but each auditorium was designed to only hold up to 2,000 so that the meetings did not get too out-of-hand, said a Presidential Security spokesman. Thousands crowded about loudspeakers outside to hear the President speak. The sessions were run by the local tribal Chiefs, Tuaman, Kanharan and B'yantusu in each city. A spokesman for President Hope said that the President had been negotiating for some weeks to secure the support of the Chiefs to hold the sessions, and were not originally with the election in mind.

The sessions began with the President making a brief address about wanting to understand the specific woes of the people, and then tribal adjudicators would take the microphone about and allow people to ask their questions. While a few questioners became disrespectfully angry, overall the questioning of the President was a friendly exchange, albeit to a skeptical audience.

Finally, after a couple of hours of questions, Hope gave a short speech (although in Kanhara he had integrated it into the answer to one question) which was the theme of the answers he gave: the hard work is not over, it's only just beginning. The President emphasised that at no time had a people enjoyed the benefits of labour without actually labouring, and the independence they had won was not the license to "at last" relax, but to begin their labour, but this time for themselves, not for the Guwimith Emperor. He said that the "hard work" was hard times, shortages, high prices and even job losses while the country readjusted to working for its own prosperity, not someone else's. These had to be endured for "six days" before they could "rest for a day", relating the hardships to the Biblical creation of six days work, one day rest.

The audience was not particularly receptive to the notion that they had to endure hardships, but there was acceptance by some, who then asked what guarantees there would be that they would get the fruits of their labours, this time, with large corporations moving in to make profits at the expense of the farmers and machinists? President Hope was emphatic: if the companies win, they too will win with better wages, better jobs and better working conditions, but re-emphasised there could be "no gain without pain".

Independent polls, commissioned by local newspapers taken before and after each of the President's speech and feedback sessions, showed that while the President would not have won the majority's vote, he had gained much respect from the otherwise skeptical crowd, if for no other reason, said some people surveyed, that "he turned up and faced us".

While the support base has been single digits in most Utani electorates of Utani B'yan, the polls have shown that by campaigning this way, President Hope may add as much as ten percent to his vote. This, in critical electorates such as B'yantusu may win him one of the four seats, providing a much needed base of seats that may win his Conservative-lead coalition to power once again.
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