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10 August 300 AP

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Election 300
New poll signals LNP rise
Hope faces the skeptical

Utani Burovian Movement moves into Nystonia

I'ana archipelago quandary
War in the new world?

Utania's Golfing Revolution!
Football: Round six

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Jerman for "Spirit of the Age". In this case it is to mean the "spirit" of the Utanian people, the magazine reporting the people's thoughts behind the press-releases and reported news.
New Poll signals LNP rise

The latest political polls combined show a significant swing to the Nationalists and Liberal Nationalists, particularly the latter, while the Peoples and Utan Sædaj Parties continue to hold onto power but by a slimmer margin .

It is good news for Kyle Langley's Liberal Nationalist Party, who had originally shown a mere 3% in the early July Herald poll, and now poll at a more respectable 7%. Furthermore, they would have commanded nine seats in Parliament.

The amalgamated poll was authored by Dr David Kapur, Utania's most eminent political analyst, and Politics Department Head at Luka University. Dr Kapur took the raw results of several political polls and turned them into a massive twenty-five hundred person survey, in which no electorate had less than 27 voters surveyed. Then Dr Kapur estimated the number of seats each party would receive.

The Democrats were the biggest losers, falling from the lead Government party on
Professor David Kapur's amalgamated polls, based on 2500 voters
17% to a significantly smaller 12%, mostly suffering losses in Utani B'yan, where they lost 6% (falling from 18% to 12%), and Lasanne, where they lost 3% (from 18% to 15%). The Democrats are said to be reeling from the poll compilation. Even the Cruis-Democrats have suffered, falling in their national total also. Where the Democrats lost, President Hope's Conservative Party gained: gaining 2% in Utani B'yan and 1% in Lasanne. But the bigger winners were the Liberal Nationalists: 1% to 6% in Utani B'yan.

However, the important thing to remember is not how many votes the parties hold, but how many seats in parliament they win. And on that score the biggest losers of the poll are losers because of the nuances of the Utanian electoral system. The Cruisian Democratic Party held a calculated 15 seats in the Herald Poll in early July, and despite only losing 2% of the vote, the success of the LNP and Conservatives has stolen eight seats from the CDP!

Please note; The Utanian Electoral Commission has, since the Herald poll, recalculated the number of seats to be 140 due to a previous administrative error.

The CDP lost their two seats in Mulgrave to the LNP, two seats in U'jama to the LNP and Conservatives, and lost two seats to the Peoples party and Conservatives in Lasanne, and the LNP in both Benmore and Vela Luka. Their savaging will lose the election for the Conservative-lead coalition, as overall the Utan-Sædaj and Peoples Parties would hold a tenuous three seat majority over in the Parliament, and twelve seat lead over the current coalition government, courtesy the UPP, Yannists, Liberal Party and Republicans.

Meanwhile, the other big losers are the Republicans, losing four seats to the Peoples and Conservative Parties. The Liberals join the Parliament with a single seat out of Dansvelt the wealthy farming-class northern region of Luka. While the Liberals and Progressive Party each gained a seat, no other small party has yet joined the Parliament, such as the Burovians, Greens, Socialists or Nationalists. But, each has polled well. As each voter called theoretically represents 10,000 voters, the Nationalists are set to score a quarter of a million votes, likewise the Greens and Burovians, while the Socialists will yield half a million voters. Any of these parties could, over the next four to five weeks, gain their place in Parliament making the government even less stable.

Whatever the next poll shows, it is certain to develop into an interesting election!
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