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28 August 300 AP

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The unknown economy
Unionism's rising tide

Election 300
Poll: Alternative conservatives surge
Interview: The complete Burovian philosophy
Boornal blasts Pres. Hope

Corruption in Kanhara?

International Christiana's John Joseph sacked!
Thistland's "scorched vexillium" policy

Utanian Golf's grand prize
Football: Round six

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Boornal blasts Pres. Hope

Max Boornal this week blasted his party's leader, President Hope, for "betraying the principles under which this party was formed", over the military occupation of the I'ana archipelago. If it were anyone but Boornal, Hope would have returned fire, but he cannot afford to alienate one of the Conservative Party's leading backbench figures.

Max Boornal is probably the leading backbencher in the Conservative party, a highly respected man of enormous integrity. Last weekend, his angry silence over the President's military occupation of the I'ana archipelago was deafening. During the week, he let his anger be known.

"The President is lowering the standing of the party to the level of the nationalists", said an angry Boornal greeting journalists outside his office in the far northern city of Waitaki. "He is betraying everything that the Conservative party has been fighting for." To Boornal, the Conservative Party is about promoting economic development, being mature and responsible in all matters economic and financial, and not "resorting to populist attempts simply to be elected."

President Hope has been stinging from the attack for, as this week's Kapur-Zeitgeist poll shows, many Conservative voters agree with Boornal. But, despite the pain, Hope has not counter-attacked: it's his turn for his silence to be deafening. Why?

Max Boornal, the legend

Max Boornal was one of the Guwimith Empire's leading bankers. General Manager of Finance for the Guwimith National Bank, which including International Bond and currency trading, Boornal is now Utania's leading international finance expert, an obvious candidate to manage the Utanian Reserve Bank, or be Hope's Director of Treasury and Finance. Furthermore, Max Boornal is known for his integrity.

When the Guwimith Wide Shore (now Luka) National Party government of Davis Karizcek descended into corruption, nepotism and furious money-laundering, it was Max Boornal who stood alone against the Emperor's third cousin, demanding that the government be sacked by the Dependencies Administration Executive, which reported to the Emperor. Boornal suffered the loss of his banking job, was forced to move his family to Gvonj, and endured threats and attempts upon his life while he campaigned ceaselessly against the Karizcek regime. Eventually, the efforts paid off in 297, when the Dependencies Security Division, on orders from the Tsar, seized control of the province. Boornal was elected to the provincial parliament unopposed in late 298, his integrity and steadfastness.

It is this reputation that makes Boornal such a danger to President Hope. Boornal has never expressed great ambition to lead the country, and is therefore no direct threat to Hope's leadership. But, as a paragon of moral leadership, Boornal could bring down the President for failing to live up to the mission of the Conservative Party.

Politically, Boornal is almost too conservative for the Conservative Party. He believes fervently in individual effort and minimal government, and that the corporate world could operate many functions of the state better than the public service, which he regards as an "anti-meritocracy". Yet, while President Hope attempts to make the party "everything to everyone", Boornal may be the party's only dissident rallying for "true conservative values".

Boornal is therefore one to watch with interest.
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