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28 August 300 AP

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The unknown economy
Unionism's rising tide

Election 300
Poll: Alternative conservatives surge
Interview: The complete Burovian philosophy
Boornal blasts Pres. Hope

Corruption in Kanhara?

International Christiana's John Joseph sacked!
Thistland's "scorched vexillium" policy

Utanian Golf's grand prize
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The complete UBM Philosophy Interview

While the latest Kapur-Zeitgeist poll shows a surge in the vote for the Utanian Burovian Movement, most voters know little about the worldwide "Burovian" movement: its beliefs, its philosophy and its implementation in some of the world's largest nations. Zeitgeist magazine despatched renown journalist Lawrence Sable to interview Utanian secretary Naahi Bennett and Burovian World Assembly (BWA) spokesman Patrick Firlefenthz.

Never in the history of the Burovian movement has such a comprehensive detailing of the Burovian philosophy been documented. Utania is privileged to be the first nation to gain such an insight into the political philosophy that dominates such a large portion of the globe, and now presents itself to the Utanian People in the form of the Utanian Burovian Movement, a party that has recently won 4% of the national vote in the Kapur-Zeitgeist poll.

Undertaking this interview has also been a significant undertaking. I did not feel comfortable interviewing only Naahi Bennett, though an amiable chap, as he was inexperienced in the Burovian implementation. My greatest coup was in gaining access in Surina, the capital of the worldwide Burovian organisation, to the Assembly spokesman Patrick Firlefenthz, one of the most senior members of the Burovian organisation. It has taken me since May 27 until August 20 (12 weeks and a day) to complete the interview, from initial questions to the supplementary interview questions answered. But, even I am amazed by the extent of the achievement.

Firstly, Burovianism is a complete political philosophy, like Fascism and Communism, but moderate and compassionate, unlike those philosophies. Its reach is from Westermarc to Westria, Lombriga to Oost-Otago, Solanchatka to Deucoland. It governs hundreds of millions of people, both Westrians and non-Westrians. It is pro-capitalism and anti-monopoly. It is pro-development and strongly internationalist, though also promotes local autonomy. Strongly anti-crime, and executes repeat offenders. There is no state religion, and complete freedom of religion, and has a unique blend of various religions called Cruxism. Charity is the Burovian's way of life, and corporations happily contribute, but welfare is near non-existent.


Perhaps the strongest and most notable distinctive feature of Burovianism is that it is fervently anti-democracy. "people tend to be very influenced by money and its power in an election campaign... give a guy a free Trinka Nuss Beer, and... tell him some boulder dash story about how you are going to change government, and he'll vote for you", commented Mr Firlefenthz on the evils of elections. "Democracy is a popularity contest that is driven by money given by special interest groups. More times than not, a candidate is elected on terms of their popularity and their pocketbook."

Democracy does not use the best people in government positions, said Mr Firlefenthz, while Burovianism does. "The BWA... employs professionals who must pull their own weight around. Each position has clear job requirements and if performance is not up to what is required, a better qualified individual will be retained for their services as a replacement. It's as simple as that."

To Firlefenthz, the central attraction of Burovianism is threefold:

"Freedom - people live with the freedom to assemble, speak, worship, publish and think freely. Human rights are at the forefront of Burovianism. Discrimination and injustice are completely unacceptable.

"Prosperity - rapid economic development and a capitalist "partisan free market", close collaboration between regions stimulated beneficially by the BWA's economic geniuses... this has taken economically depressed or under developed areas such as Westermarc, Niokolo Koba, Udan-Woo, etc., and turned them into contributing members of the Realm's economic powerhouse, bringing prosperity and development to all its citizens.

"Peace and security - the neutrality approach, which means leaving others to destroy their nations in war and conflict, while the Realm focuses its powers on development, education, and scientific research for the better, while maintaining a zero tolerance policy on crime, which allows our citizens to live with the peace of mind they need to be at their most prosperous."

And there is no denying that Burovianism has been enormously popular. Nation after nation have joined the World Burovian Assembly, and experienced the economic benefits therein. Still, for Utanians, the loss of democracy might be one sacrifice for economic development too many.

"Their hearts are in the right place", says Peoples party leader, George Okarvits, "but the conclusion to abandon democracy is a little extreme." Okarvits added that Utanians will not abandon their hard-won freedoms too lightly.

For the full text of the interview, click this link.
About this interview
This "interview" was a series of email between Max Suchy and Mike Ham between May 27 and August 20 amounting to a colossal 97kb worth of email. I've delved deep into Max's mind to find the detail of the Burovian movement, the result is this interview.
For the Complete Interview...
For the complete text of this interview, the summary of quotes from the interview, or the summary of Burovianism, click one of the links below:

Complete interview text

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