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11 September 300 AP

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A Peoples Party government anyone? Boornal joins the Burovians!

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Boornal joins the Burovians!

Max Boornal, the hero MP from Waitaki who single-handedly brought a corrupt Lasanne government to justice, has totally stunned the political world, particularly the Conservative Party and its leader President Hope, by announcing his resignation from the Conservative Party in favour of the Utanian Burovian Movement!

Max Boornal has never been half-hearted in anything. When he sensed the corruption in the Karizcek National Party regime in Guwimith Wide Shore, he took to campaigning against the regime in Guwimith itself, quitting his highly-paid job and moving his family to Gvonj. When he sensed corruption in the Conservative Party, he resigned his position in the party and joined one of the competing parties, the Burovians.

The move has left the Conservative Party speechless. For years they have been proudly parading their own version of the "paragon of virtue" (Abraham Okarvits, founder of the Peoples Party), and now he is leaving them citing the "corruption of the party's values".

Boornal announced 11am on Saturday morning, at Luka Airport's International terminal, that he would be resigning his position with the Conservative Party and would take up the leadership of the Utanian Burovian Movement. He said that his parliamentary staff and the Conservative Party leadership had been informed earlier that day.

Few reporters were still coherent enough to ask a few questions about the shock decision, before Boornal was taken to the Domestic terminal for his flight to Waitaki, where he would spend the remainder of the weekend with his friends and family.

Max Boornal - Burovian MP
Max Boornal, Conservative Lasanne MP, was elected to Lasanne's provincial parliament in '98 from the Waitaki electorate, and to the provisional federal parliament when it convened earlier this year. Now, he will stand on the Burovian party ticket in his home electorate of Waitaki, which, according to polls, the Burovians are likely to win a seat in. That will be doubly so, now that Boornal has signed on.

For the Burovians, it is a major coup. "Max Boornal is an enormous asset for any party to have as a member, and we in the UBM are truly honoured to have his managerial skills and depth of conviction joining us", said Naahi Bennett, the party's secretary. "It solves two problems for us: who to lead the party, and who to become our Waitaki MP."

Readers may recall that Bennett alluded, in last week's Zeitgeist, to the issue of party leader and Waitaki first candidate being "under review". Bennett freely admits that discussions with Boornal began some months ago.

"We are always seeking people of an exceptionally high calibre, with management expertise, and a real human touch. Max brings all of those things to the table, and more. So, we approached him in July, and he turned us down. He approached him again after the I'ana occupation, while he was still fuming, and this time he didn't close the door. He remained very uncertain about the decision, and turning his back on many good people within the party who, he felt, would never see things as he did, and never understand."

It was last Thursday's unlucky discovery of Boornal en route to Surina, the capital of the Burovian realm, that forced his hand. "After President Hope denied that he knew anything about Max's campaigning for funds in Surina", says Bennett, "that he was force to make a decision and to announce it as soon as possible."

"Obviously, the timing was not ideal", says Bennett. "We had always intended to announce Max's candiditure later next week, and didn't anticipate his becoming an active campaigner for us. This falls in our favour, now, of course", he concedes.

Boornal made the announcement in Luka airport on Saturday morning, after returning from discussions with Bennett and members of the Burovian General Assembly about the Burovian movement's mode of operation in Utania. A discussion Boornal said was "very pleasant". "They basically told us that so long as the party was run within Burovian ideals, we were free to determine any policies that fit Utanian requirements", Boornal said.

Boornal was an enormous asset in terms of combating the Peoples Party's cornered market in "virtuous politics". Mr Clean himself, the party could reflect in Boornal's reflected glory just by having him around for them. He now brings that clean image to the already corruption-fighting Burovian party.

The Conservatives will also sadly miss Boornal's skills. A former banking executive in charge of financial management, Boornal was a valuable asset for the raising of international financial backing of Utania. He remains available for this service, he says, but now "under a different arrangement". What was lost by the Conservatives has been gained by the Burovians.

Boornal will now lead the Burovian campaign in Lasanne and Nystonia, while Bennett moves the campaign into "high gear" in Utan Krysaror and other urban Utani B'yan areas. It is worth speculating how much campaigning Boornal will have to do to raise the Burovian vote. In his hometown, he is likely to secure another 5% for the Burovians without showing his face. The Burovians are also more likely to win some of the other five or more marginal electorates in Lasanne, and maybe one or two in Nystonia with heavy campaigning, says Professor David Kapur, Utania's leading political analyst.

It remains to be seen how much influence the Burovians can have in the next parliament with Max Boornal at the helm, with only two-an-a-half weeks until the election.
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