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Utanian border guards engage invaders from South Bay

Saturday, June 2, 301 AP
Web posted at 1710 UST.

YAN GROR UTAN, Utania (ZGN) -- Utanian border guards, members of the 10th light infantry division, have actively engaged an unknown force from across the border in South Bay in the past twenty-four hours, 100 km north-west of the Ramal-Utani city of Yan Gror Utan, in northern Savana state.

An Utanian border patrol was overwhelmed by a force of over 100 well-armed non-Utanian soldiers and forced to retreat, but not before a rapid reaction Battalion of 600 soldiers could be summoned and actively engage the enemy force.
  Utanian soldier fires on invader's positions

It has been established that the force are not South Bay regular soldiers, but an independent paramilitary regiment, estimated to number between 100 and 200. The Army's spokesman said that the enemy failed to acknowledge Utanian calls to surrender or lower their weapons, instead fired on the Utanian patrol that initially contacted them.

A Army helicopter was sent to monitor the movements of the invading rebel force as they moved deeper into Utanian territory, and was repeatedly fired upon. When the Utanian Battalion arrived near the advancing paramilitaries at 0900 this morning, Colonel Andrew Koroma, in an armoured car, attempted to speak with the rebels, but was fired upon repeatedly. He then ordered the battalion to "engage and force the surrender of the armed force".

President Okarvits has been briefed of the situation, it was reported, and has ordered the despatch of the 11th Army Brigade, a mechanised infantry force of over 3,500 troops and 18 armoured vehicles stationed in western Lasanne state. They will reinforce the border in case of other incursions, as well as join the border battalion.

In addition, six fighter jets have been strafing the rebels hiding in the light bushland.

As yet, no reports of casualties have been made by the army, but it is known that the original patrol that engaged the paramilitaries has experienced some casualties.
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