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December 10, 300 AP

President Okarvits has been "extremely busy" on the administration of government, according to a spokesman who was trying to explain the President's cancelling formal engagements recently. The spokesman says the President cannot be expected to return to normal workload until February, though he will be getting a break for Cruismass. {[tech] This is my subtle way of tell those of you I have promised things to recently, or who are still waiting for something, that I haven't forgotten, I'm just overloaded at work at the moment, but that my contract WILL end at end-January. [/tech] }

President Okarvits also made an impassioned plea this week for Parliament not to overrule his sending eight thousand troops on a "humanitarian mission" to Dignania. Despite opposition from his government's allies, the Burovians, the executive order passed without comment after a 102-38 vote.

The second wave of Utanian peacekeepers arrived in Dignania on Tuesday, two weeks after departing. They immediately took over the role of patrols and protection of supply convoys near the front line in the south of the democratic north. General Gordain also arrived on Wednesday to welcome the peackeepers, and provide them with their orders, as Dignanian and Zartanian commanders joined the welcoming ceremony.

The Nystonian state Parliament approved by a narrow three vote margin, 38-35, a bill that will reintroduce the death penalty to the state. The vote was a conscience vote, and several opposition Utani-Saedaj MPs voted with the Cruistian-Democrat and Liberal Nationalist-lead government, as many other MPs swapped benches in the parliament. Now, the bill faces the wrath of the federal government which is proposing to overrule the state. Though federal parliament has broken up for the year, pressure is building to hold an early new year session to debate such an overruling. Utania being a federalist state, to overrule a state parliament, or regional or city council, federal Parliament need only pass a law to that effect.

Census takers will begin in January their four-week crusade to record and document the people of the nation. Training delays, computer system unreadiness and the Cruismass holiday prompted officials to delay until next year, some three months late.

The Utanian government is expected to issue a tender for the supply of executive jets for the President, federal parliamentarians, and diplomatic staff. All interested parties have been asked to contact the Ministry of Administrative Services, Utan Krysaror.

Meanwhile, the opposition have attacked the government and President for their "distinct lack of action" on several pressing matters, such as the future of the myriad of government-owned corporations, university and hospital building, and advancing the cause of the poor in Utania. President Okarvits hit back saying the opposition were "only interested in advancing the case of their capitalist pals" in pushing the government-owned companies "out the door".

Leader of the federal Liberal Nationalist Party (LNP), Kyle Langley, has come out in strong support for the heavily debated "Firecat" project, the design and construction of advanced fighter jets, based in Luka. Lasanne Governor Edward Hope has also supported the project as "good for the defence of the nation, and for the workers of Utania".

President Okarvits issued a press statement praising the "compassion and good leadership" of the Sultan W'Infri-Ed of Feniz in seeking to adopt the daughter, Princess Silvia, of his predecessor. He also wished the Sultan the very best in tackling the legalities in seeking to be the child's foster-parent.

President Okarvits' Minister for Defence, Samuel Artos, expressed interest in acquiring surplus warships from the Zartanian Imperial fleet, and also battle tanks. However, he did also express dismay that little international comment had passed on the Empire's production of international-range missiles, and said that Utania expressed "concerns", despite the King's commitment that the missiles were not for "first strike" usage. The Empire plans to base the missiles in eastern (not southern) Zartania.

Utanian musical group Jomara's No.1 hit song, "Kopuya jomay eya" (lit. "Youth of Spirit") dropped from the top spot to No.7 ending an incredible four week run at the top. The single sold over 350,000 copies.

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