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January 7, 301 AP

After a three week absense, "Utania this Week" returns to your email boxes. We hope that all our readers had an enjoyable and revitalising Cruismass and new year, and we welcome them to the first edition of "Utania this week" of the fourth century AP!

The tropical nation of Rovens gained her independence on January 1st of the new century, after the UNV unanimously voted in favour of independence for the nation of twenty-or-so million, ethnically diverse people. Few celebrations were held, as such, as the diverse "rainbow coalition" of the PIMR sets about establishing the foundations for a democratic, socialist state.

Rovens was the last of the former Guwimithian dependencies to gain independence, almost two years after the collapse of the Empire, and not everyone thought this was late. In a publicly broadcast letter to the UNVCOCN Director in Chief, Seamus O'Dea, Deputy-Director of the UNVCOCN mission to UNV "Gvonj", Mr Eduard Roetgeon, resigned in protest saying the country was ill-prepared and had "no commitment to rule democratically". Mission Director, Douglas Fand, fired back in a blistering personal attack on his former deputy, saying he "issued accusations he is unable to substantiate". The new national government of Rovens has not commented.

While Rovens was the last of the former Dependencies to gain independence, it may not be last under UNVCOCN control. The nations of Begral and South Bay are currently "closed" to outsiders and leaked news tell of internal conflict and destablisations.

Utania's Luka Vexgames Committee conceded defeat in the race for the 301 games over the break, too. By a 5-3 vote, the Luka bid was beaten by the twin-city bid of Myo City and Lynne in Lamb's Cove. A bid for the 302 games has not been ruled out.

A health crisis is looming in Chiquiti, claims the secretary of the Chiquiti Saedaj League. Tens of thousands of Chiquiti immigrants from South Bay sit in massive relocation camps in the region, overwelming the local sanitation and water resources. Hundreds have died from preventable diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and cholera. The situation is threatening another government melt-down as government inaction prevails.

President Okarvits was caught unawares by the reporting of a full-scale retreat by allied forces in Dignania. His spokesman was speechless when queried by reporters, and did not issue a statement until midday after local newspapers reported the news. Apparently there is still no word from the front as no further statements have been issued. It is known that at least three Utanians have been killed by the conflict. There are now over 10,400 Utanian peacekeepers in Dignania.

Rioting and violence broke out on the island of Fora Rifo before the Xmas break, as the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites edged closer to civil war and collapse. Fora Rifo is now an autonomous republic within the Kingdom, after successful negotiations by a special diplomat from Feniz. Feniz now commands significant respect from both the "western" and Mounist worlds.

The President formed the "Hurricane Meteorological Observation Centre" (HuMOC) on Friday after months of campaigning by two talented Meteorologists, Professor William Tompkin and Dr. John Kolinsky. The two men will head-up the new 100-staff, U30M centre.

Former-President, now-Governor Hope is learning the Utani language, first language to more than thirty million Utanians, in a bid to be able to communicate with primarily Utani-speaking people in the southern electorates he must win in order to win the Presidency in twelve months.

President Okarvits has revealled his final cabinet that will stand until (if) he is reelected next year. The list is available on the Utanian site, under the topic Government / Current Executive. All but two of the Ministers in his cabinet are current MP's in government parties.

On Tuesday, Parliament reconvenes for a summer session, and, despite pleas from government leaders, five Nystonian Peoples Party MP's will introduce a bill to overturn Nystonian legislation to reintroduce the death penalty to that state. The bill is set to split the government and opposition benches, and possibly irreversably fracture the Peoples-Utani Saedaj parties-lead government.

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