Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
February 4, 301 AP

A plane crash in Christiana is rumoured to have killed the entire Christianan football team returning from the Nuropia 300 tournament. Suspicions have already been raised by the Christiana Bureau of Investigations (CBI) that a bomb may have caused the explosion that destroyed the jet. Utania has pledged to send any aid required.

Utanian peacekeepers are earning respect for themselves by working hard at establishing a peace in Dignania. General Gordain, CiC of the peacekeeping operation, has been personally involved with several officers, Military Diplomatic Attachés, to establish the basis for a peace in the divided country. He is earning high-praise and accolades from the Utanian media, despite parliamentary opposition to what they term "Okarvits Crusade" endangering Utanian lives. Though the ceasefire ends this week, the Utanians will not give up, said a spokesman for the President.

A spokesman for the President dispelled rumours of a rift between the General and the President saying that they had spoken "openly and frankly" recently about the issue of honouring the three dead Utanian servicemen killed in Dignania. General Gordain also issued a statement denying that he "despised" the President. "I have the highest respect for the President both as my Commander in Chief and as a friend, and though he and I may disagree, I have, and will always have, the highest respect for him."

As for the peace in Dignania, posturing and sabre-rattling have continued throughout the peacetalks, and despite one minor exchange of artillery-fire over the peace-talks town, and other skirmishes, the truce appears to have largely held.

The small, oil-rich, desert nation of Feniz has officially changed the side of the road it drives on to the left, joining a small handful of nations, including Utania. Though limited choas is anticipated for some weeks, overall the regime is expecting Fenizians to adjust "admirably". Speculation is that the move is a clear sign of the changing of the guard in Feniz, recently.

New management has been installed in the country's third largest ISP, Jagged Blue, after only two weeks since billionaire James Angorit bought the company outright from its management-owners. Three of the former owner-managers departed during the week, and Mr Angorit immediately replaced them with one CEO from Savaj Netopik, and two outside managers, one of whom is from the BTM-Interlink, the country's largest ISP.

Major infrastructure development for Chiquiti is being discussed by the Okarvits Administration after a proposal from the Bowdani Engineering Aid team there. President Okarvits is said to have been briefed and is "enthusiastic" about employing a Bowdani company to help with a major rebuilding of the Chiquiti water and waste infrastructure.

Despite several months of debate, several press releases on the key purchases by the Utanian government, the opposition pointed out that "not a single pund" had been spent. The government is under fire for failing to keep a single promise. President Okarvits says his administration is unaffected by the criticism: "We will deliver in our own good time, and then we shall see Mr Kemp (MP; opposition leader) retracting every word."

The government census of the Utanian republic is over with the last surveys taken which bring the multi-million pund exercise to a close. Now, say Census chiefs, the millions upon millions of survey forms must be collated and entered into the massive computer system developed by Business Thinking Machines (BTM). Expectations are that the first results may be available in the next few weeks.

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