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February 18, 301 AP

President Okarvits administration has been severely damaged by revelations that the real cost for the proposed military expansion and reorganisation could amount to in excess of Û30 billion punds. What is so damaging is that so far, despite significant pressure from his own government, the President is refusing to back away from the amount nor the plan. If more than 94 MPs vote against the President's executive order, they automatically overrule him, which would severely damage the President's reputation.

Earlier in the week, a voting bloc of 22 government or government-allied MPs vowed to vote against an expansion of the military, warning that an expansion, a strengthening of the military, was a "threat to Utanian democracy". A newspaper also accused the President of "doing a deal" with the Liberal Nationalists to pass the executive order in the Parliament, which may have prompted the alliance of pacifists and socialists to form.

On Thursday, the Dignanian Peace mission, in the Department of Defence, released the two reports on the deaths of three Utanian peace keepers in Dignania according to a pre-arranged timetable, stated President Okarvits. Coverage of the reports was largely on the front page of major newspapers, with many conservative papers asking why Utanian troops were in a nation so far from Utanian interests.

A Zeitgeist-Kapur poll indicated that 53% of voters supported the Dignanian mission, despite the deaths, while 39% opposed it. A mere 17% wanted Utanian troops to become "directly involved" in the conflict, that is joining allied troops, should the truce break down, and 77% support Utania's promoting peace in Dignania.

The Zeitgeist-Kapur poll also asked whom voters considered the most likely President after next year's election: 44% said President Okarvits, 17% said Opposition leader Thomas Kemp, 10% said Governor Hope, and 29% indicated someone else, including 6% for James Angorit, 2% for Max Boornal and 3% for Dignanian peacekeeper General Gordain. The poll showed that Thomas Kemp had risen significantly over former-President Hope, and that Hope may struggle to win his own Party's approval to run.

An explosion destroying a mosque in Solimar, killing three hundred people, caused international outrage, Bowdani assistance, and a statement from Utanian President Okarvits also condemning the bombing. Unnamed sources have implied that the Solimar government, which is no friend to the Mounists living there, may be partially responsible, through Solimari intelligence.

As Davenport prepares for elections, Kyle Langley MP, leader of the Liberal Nationalist Party in Utania, said he would support the efforts of the Kramer administration after hearing that the Davenportian Libertarians accuse the current President of wanting to enter Davenport in the Dignanian conflict. "Truth and anti-communism needs allies in Dignania", he said. He was asked to explain what he meant by "support the efforts" by the Diplomatic Relations Minister, Robert Talin.

While no releases from the Census Bureau have yet been made, the Minister in charge, Prime Minister Eric Barth MP, reports that progress with processing the data has been "very good" and charts and numbers are expected soon. He preferred not to make speculative guesses as to the nation's final population figure.

Ansonia returns to the world as communications have been restored after civil unrest and open rebellion closed them. The nation had established relations with the now-collapsed Begral and South Bay. Utania is set to establish diplomacy with Ansonia.

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