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March 25, 301 AP

Nystonian Elections
Nystonia state is only two weeks from elections and it appears to be a landslide coming. The incumbant, Governor Cryer (CDP), is set to see his Cruistian Democrat-Liberal Nationalist coalition possibly win 40 of the 73 seats, making them reliant on the Democrats for support no more. The Governor continues with a 67% approval rating.

An analysis of the popularity of Governor Cryer is the subject of this week's Zeitgeist Magazine, and can also be found at:

This week it was announced by the Minister for Government Information Services, George Kopani, who also served in the Hope cabinet, that the Utanian government's web site would be soon served by the Jagged Blue internet company. Jagged Blue is the country's third largest ISP, and fast becoming the country's lead web services company. It is owned by Savaj Netopik, the company of James Angorit. Zeitgeist magazine is part-owned by the Savaj Netopik corporation, and is also hosted by Jagged Blue.

President Okarvits reinforced his commitment to Dignania by ordering another 6500 troops, who left on Thursday morning, to serve as peacekeepers, raising the ire of the opposition who claim the peacekeeping effort should not lean entirely on Utanian shoulders. The Greater Burovian Realm have said they would assist with peacekeeping, and though the President welcomed the support said it would be too early in the truce to introduce other third parties.

Foreign Relations
Relations with Feniz started the week poorly with a release from the President of the Administrative Body of Feniz, I'd Doo-Itt Pasha, denying that details had been finalised for the trade agreement between Feniz and Utania, as was reported by both this newsletter and major newspapers. Utania privately apologised, and, on Saturday, hosted the Sultan of Feniz without further incident.

The Sultan was greeted by President Okarvits, several cabinet members and an honour guard of Presidential Guardsmen, as well as dozens of press. He met during the day with the President in which matters of trade, the situation in Begral, and the aid provided for the Chiquiti health crisis.

To further detract from Utania's international standing, the Liberal Nationalist party, fighting for votes in the Nystonian poll, denounced the country's poor preparation for an "imminent" invasion of the SEOC region by the two-hundred million people of Armatirion. Armatirion has quickly denied the claims, saying it had no such interest in invading Utania. Still, the wary nationalists point to three clear indicators that Armatirion wants to invade: it's socialist, it's big, and voters should be scared enough to vote LNP.

The government of Rovens this week announced plans to prosecute members of the former regime who still live in the country. In the firing line are officers of the Rovens Army, military judges and other public servants. The controversial move heightens tensions with the right-wing of the country, shifting the weight more substantially of the government onto the leftist foot.

Electricity reforms
The President this week announced his intention to bring the Lukica power station onto the national grid by building an 800 km connection across the south of Savana state. Opposition leaders dismissed it as "too extravagant" and said building more power stations was the real answer. They claim the country is on the verge of a power crisis, with "brown outs" becoming more common in rural areas of the east coast than is acceptable.

President Okarvits this week defended the lack of clear policies by his administration with a strongly worded statement to the press: "We do not have the luxury of contemplating the policies of education or health when there is no education department and no health department. These matters need to be attended to first. We must build the foundation of this nation before we can add the trimming of policies and directions. This is the task of the inaugural Presidency, and one I am dedicated to completing before this year is complete. You shall therefore, I hope, forgive this President for failing to provide a budget beyond broad estimates. We must crawl before we walk - all of us - and so it must be with this nation."

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