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July 16th, 301 AP


The Utanian Parliamentary election is not likely to be resolved quickly. Three seats remain in the balance, with the fourth uncertain seat, Utan Krysaror, throwing out Conservative MP Robert McArthur in favour of the Republican candidate. Acting-Prime Minister Barth is negotiating with the Burovians and others to secure minority government for the Peoples, Utan Saedaj and Republican parties.

An Aij Utani jet remains broken down in Lochboer, while the government and company negotiate with the airport authorities to allow a third party jet to return the stranded passengers to Utania. While a Hamilton radio station briefly reported the situation was due to a bomb threat to the jet, that has been retracted. Meanwhile, a chartered set of buses have departed from Luka on Friday evening to bring the passengers home. The South Bay government has warned that the routes to Lochboer are "not completely secure".

Utania review

The Vex Internationalist magazine profiled Utania in its July issue telling readers the nation was on the verge of civil unrest, even revolution, over economic inequalities, and noted that President Okarvits has done little to alleviate this. The President denied the "extreme view".

The leaders of Utania and Rovens this week met and swapped Ambassadors. Utania becomes the first nation Rovens has begun diplomatic relations with, and President Okarvits pledged Û1 billion in aid to the fledgeling democracy.

http://www.Jaggedblue.com has recorded an over three-fold increase in traffic to the site since it came online with news and government websites in late March. Ajana Holmes, Chief Marketing Officer for the ISP, says this represents clear success in their primary goal "providing a service for the Utania-o-file in Vexillium".

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