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July 30th, 301 AP


By the end of a week of strikes and protests, union and communist organisers estimated that two million people had rallied in the streets of the major cities nationwide on Friday -- not bad for a country, minus the communist-controlled Pataki population, of about fourteen or fifteen million people! They are the follow-on from the riots that broke out last weekend after the assassination of Rhosei Penyassa. Protesters are demanding the resignation of President K'yonte, held responsible for the assassination, and faster action on the collapsing national economy. K'yonte is clinging to power, surviving a no-confidence motion on Wenesday, and steadfastly refusing to bring the Army into the situation by declaring a state of emergency. Hundreds have been wounded and two-dozen killed in the past 11 days.

Utanian negotiators have managed to tease hijacking paramilitaries away from the brink who threatened to explode the jet they are holding in Lochboer International Airport, South Bay, if they didn't see the release of their captives by Sunday morning. This was after the shooting dead of an escaping passenger on Thursday. This came after success on Monday: passengers were allowed outside in groups of a dozen to see the sun and walk about -- albeit tied together. The hijacking now enters its fourth week.

Prime Minister Barth was reappointed to the role by a 93-61 vote in favour of his minority Peoples-Utani Saedaj-Republican government which is four seats short of majority. The moderate Burovians and Utani Progressives supported the minority government as the closest to a majority as any coalition would get.

Deputy Speaker George Polonovsk on Tuesday handed over to... himself, amid a standing ovation on Tuesday. The Speaker and his/her Deputy are the candidates who come closest to winning a seat but don't. Polonovsk lost by 317 votes in Hamilton electorate last September, and repeated it this year losing by a mere 304 votes. This is considered a "very rare occurance".

Another plane incident

A Moranian passenger jet from Morania City to Nasserhabib has crashed into the Melanian Sea, and while a massive international rescue effort was vollunteered, apparently all 480 people on board have been killed. Terrorism does appear to be the first explanation, but it has not been ruled out.

The Savant Motors case has finally reached the highest court in the land with opponents of the out-of-court settlement pleading with the full bench of the Federal High Court to halt negotiations fearing the government being "tricked" by mock evidence of their alleged forcing Mr Savante to surrender his shares. The full Court agreed: "There is too much at stake for the government to hide the result, and to make judgements about the legality of the case". The government will now fight the case in the state court.

Environmental Concerns

The Federal Estontetsian Republic announced an environmental conference on Monday to produce a "common effort" to reverse environmental damage, such as shrinking polar caps and droughts. President Okarvits said he would like to attend the conference in September personally along with several politicians, officials, scientists and policy experts.

Utania and Rovens issued their Vexgame team rosters at the last minute, with Utanian atheletes competing in 244 events of a total 526 events, the seventh highest number. Rovens is in 66, and 43 nations will be attending the games. Zartania will not, in a surprise move, be attending, its Imperial Council voting 9-4 against attending, owing to security and other concerns.
CORRECTION: Correction to last week's UTW -: we stated that the Zartanian Imperial Council of Ministers voted 9-4 against joining the Vexgames, when in fact the Council voted 9-4 in favour -- the King decided against attending regardless.

Separatism has struck Ansonia, where the Beaufort district-based Westrian community, numbering 560,000 and demanding greater autonomy, have succeeded in campaigning for a Royal Commission to consider their claim. The BWA is officially silent on the matter, questions have been raised as to how much "assistance" the Westrians in Beaufort have received.

A newspaper in Christiana has announced that it has evidence that the Christianan Monarch, Edward II, was married at the age of nineteen prior to his current marriage to Queen Caroline. This was announced the same day the King announced a Coronation Anniversary dinner.

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