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September 10th, 301 AP


Tragegy of a most perverse kind on the fictional world of Earth, has people asking what kind of sick minds would dream up this sort of tragedy. Authorities have promised to bring the authors of this great tragedy to justice.
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President Okarvits broke away from the Canhoto Environmental Conference to "Act rather than just listen", forging an agreement with Lasanne's Governor Hope on the future of additional power stations required. The President and Governor agreed to the immediate construction of a gas-fired power station of 1.5GW capacity in Geelong, south of Luka, providing up to 9,000 local jobs, but costing Û3.8 billion. Construction will be completed in a record 15 months, said the President, and he hinted at developing and using gas reserves in the Guwimith Strait. The combined-cycle gas station will not add Suphur-oxides into the atmosphere, but will add carbon- dioxide greenhouse gas. "Small steps" said the President.

In response to the agreement, and the President's determination to see Utania follow a "greener" path, the Federal Estontetsan Republic has offered to help build the new power station. President Okarvits, attending the conference, personally thanked the FER delegation for their support, and is believed to be giving a "ground-breaking" speech to the conference later next week. The exact details of FER assistance have not yet been discussed.

Also in response to the Canhoto Conference, Feniz' massive oil corporation, OF, will research ways to reduce the environmental damage of oil as fuel, and the Ordlandic government is capping the export of raw tropical wood to 15,000 tons per annum. The Conference is having significant long-term effects as delegates have heard tales of the environmental impact of the modern developed world.

The Court is currently deliberating on the Savant Motors case, after final arguments were presented by the Government and Mr Atosu SAVANTE. The case has been running since June, and is unusual in that the government WANTS to lose so as to right a "greivious wrong" some forty years before. Mr Savante is asking for over Û1.6 billion in shares, which the government inherited from Guwimith Courtiers.

AIJ UTANI is looking to purchase additional planes to expand its international fleet, and fly directly to international cities, having banned flights to Lochboer.

The Association for Peace in the Western Hemisphere appears to be making a comeback, resurrected with a new flag and emblem.


Utan Krysaror are only a single point on the UFA premier league table behind Luka Central for the first time. Luka drew 1-1 with bottom team the Shecker Diamonds, allowing UK to catch-up. Two rounds remain in the season, and Luka won 1-0 over the Ujam Lions on Friday night. UK play Isaston next weekend.

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