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October 1st, 301 AP


President Okarvits laid out a new direction for Utania this week, telling the Canhoto environmental conference that he would be creating a "Special Minister for Environmental Strategy", a high-level cabinet position that would have power to review and evaluate all departments, and provide a strategy for reversing years of land exploitation implemented by the Guwimithian regime. The position would also be responsible for "educating the population" on the environmental problems facing the world, and the need for reform, and strongly urged other nations to follow suit, so that the reforms did not politically die after an elections. He also strongly urged the Canhoto conference to become a regular international forum and for it to have "teeth" to enforce environmental reforms worldwide.

While the Saturday afternoon speech received a standing ovation from the conference, opposition MPs and even some government figures were stunned. Such a sweeping reform to government implemented by the President without a moment of debate or consideration, they cried. Popular support for environmentalism was strong, but for sweeping reforms, say pundits, is "very soft", and could see the President thrown from office should the reforms be too drastic and out of step with public opinion.

The long-running Savant Motors case has ended with the state High Court judge ordering the government to provide 197.3 million shares in the company to Mr Atosu Savante who had been a 25% owner in the company until 264ap. The government has no plans to appeal, but the former partners of Mr Savante -- whom he claims cheated him out of his 25% stake -- are intending to file an injunction against the order. Mr Savante is now a billionaire, the deal being worth Û1.8 billion. The government sees this as "righting a wrong" from a time when Utani were discriminated against in business under the Guwimith Empire.


Lasanne's Governor Hope has called a state election for November 17th. The four party (Dem, LNP, Cons & CDP) Government coalition holds 54 of the 93 seats, and is expected to retain power. However, last time it was fighting against a corrupt National Party (pro-Guwimith) government brought down largely by the efforts of former-Conservative Max Boornal. Boornal will now campaign for the Utanian Burovian Movement, which may force the Governor to invite the Burovians into government.

And with the election notice, long expected, the Burovians and Liberals are talking even more intensely, indeed openly, about joining forces. The Liberals, like the Burovians, are fiscally conservative but social-liberals. One source says the pairing would be known as the Liberal Burovian Party (LBP). However, Naami Bennett, who effectively built the Burovians from the ground-up, is not said to be in favour of it, as it "dilutes the Burovian philosophy", which is committed to a non-democratic meritocracy. It is an unlikely joining by this state election. The Liberals have four state seats, but none nationally.

Utan Krysaror were in a shock loss to Isaston, 2-0, the 5th team in the premier league, in a thrilling game that saw the rural Lasanne state team steam forward early in the match, then seal it at the 73rd minute. Utan Krysaror were simply unable to score, despite twice as many chances. There is only two weeks remaining in the Premier League games, and Luka Central have an unassailable lead over Utan Krysaror now, making them Premier League Champions for the second year in a row.

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