Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
October 29th, 301 AP


The Melanian continent is threatening to explode in a four-way war for the territory of the nation of Brolecia whose government appears to have lost control of the country. The Allacoans suggested they would consider annexing the southern province of Zanga, and suddenly Afrazure, San Patricio and Ordland are sabre rattling over eachother's claims. The Afrazureans are known to have mobilised their troops to their northern border, and San Patricio's Da is thought to be covertly orchestrating the same. Fortunately, neither Caledon, TD Corp, UTFN or any other nations have waded into this tense verbal confrontation, and that nor have weapons yet been used.

Utania's military authorities warned that the VII th UPF reinforcement force, bound for Dignania, may be diverted to Extremo and Brolecia to help provide "administrative support". As yet the President has not made a statement on this action, but the Nationalist leader Thomas Abels called on the President to "show the world that we will defend the principles of freedom by military force". Abels advocated Utanian involvement in any "four-way dance" in Brolecia.


At the same time, Allacoa is touching off yet another international incident by planning to allow foreign oil company to explore for oil in the snow-bound Allacoan Glaciaria, which is approaching summer and therefore thinner snow depths, in apparent contradiction with an agreement it signed with Islandia. Christiana and Altland have both threatened to blockade the southern continent, and the Burovian Realm threatened to slap economic sanctions on the impoverished nation. The Caledonian government raised concerns about a proposed blockade of the southern continent, asking whether ships fired upon so close to Glaciaria would yield less damage than the exploration drilling.

Oil Feniz is the suspected exploration company, as Peacegreen reports that the OF exploration ship despatched some weeks before to the southern continent has raced away from their watching eye. Further evidence to this suggestion arrived lately from GFN saying the OF chief and Fenizic President of the Administrative Body have clashed, and the former is hospitalised with heart trouble.

President Okarvits did condemn the oil exploration -- which may yet result in no finds -- but also acknowledged Allacoa's desire for "economic independence" which it appeared the wealthier nations were now blockading. He called on the first world nations to "provide real and viable alternatives for Allacoa and nations like her", adding that it was "unacceptable" that the first world make such lofty pronouncements that limit the ability of poorer peoples and nations to escape their poverty.

On the topic of the environment, the President's spokesman said that he would made an announcement in the coming week about the Special Ministry position. He said the government would be employing someone from overseas.


The Savant ICARA racing team is preparing to announce a new driving appointment and is hinting that Setusu may be leaving -- a fact that has been in the racing inside circles for weeks. Savant officials have been in conference with ICARA officials and other teams for some weeks.

The Starlight Corporation unveiled its new logo for Starlight Satellite Television, due to commence transmission on December 1st. The logo is modelled on the Utanian stars from the national flag, with each star alternately green, blue and red. The company says all tests of the last Friday-week launched satellite have so far proven successful, but that there is yet a week of tests to go. There is, however, noises from within that the company will not be able to provide its annual subscription at the previously touted Û200. Failure to do so may endanger the projected take-up of the service, and influence the financial viability of the company's stockmarket float in May next year.

The populist leader of the Lendosan Confederation's Capitalist Party, Paulo Dias, resigned from the party after several party figures attacked his moderate policies. Dias accused the hardliners of destroying the party with their "uncompromising fanaticism".

Despite continued voiced disapproval from elements amongst Rovenian communists, the Trinian Empire is closer to electing an Emperor, likely to be the apolitical Lord Isendur, in a series of tests steeped in the rich history of the Trinian people.

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