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November 12th, 301 AP


Two weeks ago we reported with trepidation that the Melanian continent may explode into war over the collapse of Brolecia, but the threat appears to have been stayed. The Jermanisch peoples of Brolecia have met in the Brolecian capital, Liston, former site of the Vexgames, to discuss forming their own nation, the Listonian Free State. The new nation still has the armies of the Da perched on its doorstep, the Da suspected of having territorial ambitions toward the territory of the new nation. No word on conflict in Zanga in the south, just yet, but large troop movements have been reported over the past two weeks. Eastern Delgamia invited the member states to meet in Fort Bot to discuss the issues inflaming the situation.

The prospect of Utanian peacekeeping troops marching down the main street of Extremo prompted strong action from the insular, small state, and strong rebuke from President Okarvits who denied that Utania had ever had "imperialistic ambitions". The VII th UPF reinforcements have since landed in Dignania without diverting to the Melanian continent.

Furthermore, offers have come in for Allacoa to entice them from drilling for oil in Glaciaria, but no sign yet from the Allacoan government that they have accepted Estontetsan offers of economic assistance. It is understood that the Fenizian exploration ship is still en route to the Allacoan part of the icey continent. Utania's President Okarvits reiterated his opposition to the proposed drilling.

Starlight Corporation reported this week that they believe the satellite launched last month may have a restricted capacity as a result of the launch, but engineers are still working on it. There remains the possibility that changes and work-arounds can be made to restore full service.

Summer is almost upon us, if that wasn't already obvious, according to Lasanne Electricity, the state-owned electricity corporation, which reported that electricity usage was "dramatically up" during the past two weeks. Consumption leapt 20% mostly due to increased air conditioning and fan usage, the company reported.

Only a week to go, and the fight before the Lasanne state elections is hotting up. Zeitgeist Magazine this week assesses the prospects for the Governor, and wonders aloud whether this isn't more like the first of four battles for Governor Hope to reclaim his position as President. More at:

Zeitgeist-Kapur polling in the Lasanne election show that the Governor is ahead 53-45 in the Governor's race, but that the House of Representatives may be closer to the wire than hoped by the Governor.

Governor Cryer this week oversaw the arrest of four men in connection with an "aura camera". The Armatirians had fled their homeland after the government there banned any promotion of religious ideas. They have been arrested under a controversial law that civil rights campaigners say co-joins church and state. Zeitgeist Magazine assesses the Nystonian state under Governor Cryer at:

The government's prized Cooperatives Bill has re-entered the Parliament for debate, with the Conservatives continuing to oppose it strongly, while the real debate is a focused performance for the Utani Progressive Party and the Burovians whose support one way or the other will determine whether the Bill floats or sinks a second time. The government is "absolutely determined" to see the Bill into law before Cruismas, as it will return about Û400 million in collected taxes to the poorest people in the nation, cooperative farmers.

The Lendosan Confederation is looking closely at how to cater for its ethnic minorities with a new bill designed to enhance their position and rights.

A new international hosting service has arrived on the scene from Feniz: Vexilli-net, which is hoping to compete with Jaggedblue for government web site hosting.

George Pennenton was in, and then he was out. The Utanian Golfing Association (UGA) was asked by the IGT to choose two candidates to represent Utania in the forthcoming international tournament. The executive chose Pennenton and Aretasuna. Immediately, the members protested: wasn't Rannatosu who won a tournament earlier in the year higher in the Order of Merit? Wouldn't he better represent the nation? Pennenton had also suggested before being selected that he thought Rannatosu would go before he. The UGA backflipped and Rannatosu was selected. But, not before a rift between the UGA and Rannatosu, the young and brash Kanharan accused of being "reckless" and of promoting a poor image for the game by UGA officers. Rannatosu accused the UGA of "blatant racism", effectively insulting the high-profile Savaj, Aretasuna. He apologised to Aretasuna on Monday morning radio.

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