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November 26th, 301 AP

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Apparently no conflict on the high seas, with the Allacoan surveying ships apparently not yet found near the coast of Glaciaria, but the Fenizic catamaran departing quickly from its base of operations around Fort Capital.

Two UNV resolutions reached the floor of the General Assembly this week, one to decide the response to the Allacoan actions, ranging from blocking the ships by force, if necessary, to economic sanctions; the second to censure the Ordlandic government for alleged "piracy" by putting a 15 million Orda price on the capture of the Allacoan surveying ships' owner. A diplomatic storm following the Ordlandic declaration, and the bounty has apparently NOT been since rescinded.

A fifteen ship task force, including an aircraft carrier and two heavy cruisers, set sail from Christiana bound for Guadacoa as part of the international force to stop the Allacoan surveying ships. While it was followed by an Allacoan pledge to not send warships to Guadacoa to protect the surveying ships, Altland joined the task force with twelve of her own warships, including another aircraft carrier, a battleship and two heavy cruisers. The FER and Utania said they would follow if the action was sanctioned by the UNV.

President Okarvits' Environmental strategist, Dr KANGAAPAULI, said this week that Allacoa was wrong to invest further in the "dead horse of oil", and advocated sanctions against the impoverished nation. The Luka Herald (predictably) admonished her in an editorial claiming that Utani nationalists would not be impressed by her green-left rhetoric.


President Okarvits was rebuffed for a second time in as many weeks. He sent the UNV Ambassador to the General Assembly proposing a Resolution for the voluntary transfer of all Glaciarian possessions to tacit UNV control. The resolution was met with a furious response from the Burovian Realm delegates, that it was withdrawn before being submitted to a pre-vote, once again, crushing President Okarvits' efforts in bringing peace to the current international crises.

Dr Kangaapauli this week frightened livestock farmers with comments on Zeitgeist News on Wednesday in which she suggested that "the land being consumed by the meat industry could be put to better use". The President's office was showered with calls from concerned farmers. The President later downplayed, but did not contradict the Special Minister's comments.

The Kingdoms of Aethelnia and Vingarmark received international recognition this week, and invited all nations to engage the country diplomatically. President Okarvits has not yet named an Ambassador to either country.


Starlight Corporation is looking certain to confirm that the annual subscription will be much higher than the originally projected Û200, with analysts predicting Û350 the likely subscription figure. The company "significantly underestimated" the cost of international content, particularly from within the GBR. The company says it will make an announcement this week regarding the services that are due to be available from this Saturday. With an estimated 60,000 subscribers already signing up at the Û200 rate, the news had best be good. Starlight confirmed earlier this month that it was experiencing problems with its satellite.

Rovens' President Kope this week recommitted his administration to back the controversial of Investigations into Crimes against Humanity and Atrocities (OICHA), established by his predecessor in March. The Office, lead by Ronald Looyen, a retired constitutional lawyer, will investigate accusations of atrocities performed under the Guwimithian regime. Over two thousand people remain missing from the last five years of the regime.

The tiny archipelago of I'ana, census-confirmed population of ten thousand, is questioning why the Navy -- which has a base on the largest island, I'ana -- doesn't use food supplies from the islands. The islands produce enough apples and oranges to feed over 100,000 people, its Governor, Walter P'posa, claims. The Governor of the autonomous state was in Utan Krysaror for talks with President Okarvits.

Finally, in sport, the games have begun. The football run-off games, in which eight new teams are added to the premier and second division UPA competition, began on Saturday, with second division champions, RFA Geelong, smashing newcomers Bentleigh 2-0, and Mulgrave defeated newcomers Ayana 4-1.

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