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"The Belson Foods division of the Belson Corporation, the Luka Golf Club and the Utanian government welcome you to this, the inaugural Utanian Golf Open."

With those words, Luka Golf Club chairman, President of the Lasanne Golfing Association, and Director of the Utanian Golf Open, Julius Warton will open Utania's first international sporting tournament: the Utanian Golf Open. And on quite superb grounds the Open will be held, too.

Never on such prestigious and formerly-exclusive grounds has an international golfing tournament been held. The club has multi-million pund (Û) facilities, and over 200 employees tending the hotel, 19th hole clubhouse and other member facilities.
The prestigious Luka Golf Club
Within the Luka Golf Club hotel completed 299 The Luka Golf Club Hotel, which will accommodate the golfers and officials, has over 200 opulent rooms, a special gymnasium, Vexgames-size swimming pool and three 5-star restaurants. There will be eighteen rooms set aside for guests and
press, and these will be available for Û900 per night.

The prestigious Luka Golf Club Hotel
To provide a feel for the course, we have included a couple of snapshots of three of the holes at the Luka Golf Course.
Hole 11 beside the sea The sky will be clear and the air warm

Tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event are available by e-mailing Diane Loracht or by phoning her on +151 20 209 3188. The tickets are available for Û1000 per day or Û5000 for the entire tournament.

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