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The UNITED DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF UTANIA is a unification of two independent nations after the break-up of Guwimith, Horn of Olives and Luka, and the unification of four semi-independent provinces under the Guwimith Dependencies Act, 266ap, namely Horn of Olives, Guwimith Wide Shore, Duck Egg Shore, and the aptly titled "Mountains". These four provinces, once collectively known as "Point South", are now states within the UDR of Utania.

The UNV Act releasing Utania was enacted on May 22nd, 300ap, by unanimous vote of the United Nations of Vexillium on Resolution 277/300.  (See report on Independence celebrations)

The nation exists between latitude 15 and 30 degrees South and 60 and 75 degrees East of Vexillium, in the warm, moist region buffeted between the Cisgronkian Ocean and the Sea of Eulos.

We are a democratic, free-market capitalist nation that has evolved out of turbulent times. Our historically over-regulated economy is currently being deregulated and unfettered by the current government.

The Government of the UDR of Utania welcomes all businesses to introduce their manufacturing and industrial bases to Utania. We welcome international investment, having a very healthy domestic economy and trade balance in our favour. Our Industry is focused on heavy manufacturing, including ship-building and armaments manufacture, and have top-grade efficient ports that continue to act as temporary stop points for the thousands of ships that pass by.

The people of Utania are friendly, helpful and open to change. We are committed workers, and have a well-developed apré-work functions that foreigner residents will find satisfy their extra-curricular needs. Sports, recreation and sight-seeing are a-plenty in Utania.

The country derives its name from the Utani people, and the Utan region in which they live, being the southern coastal region inland as far as the mountain range of the former Guwimithian dependencies.

It is a nation of some 47 million people from some thirty-five cultural and ancestral backgrounds as diverse as immigrants from as far afield as Bowdani and Draconia, to the original inhabitants, the nine Utani tribes.

Utania has been born out of the climactic end of the Guwimithian Commonwealth, and is born into a new world for the Old Eastern continent. Its ancient history and wealth of diverse peoples is an attraction to people worldwide, and with a new democratic government it will continue to grow and prosper.

Utania is the unification of two independent nations, there is four major states making up UDR Utania.

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